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For every 10 mats your students purchase, you get your 11th free!

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Behind every great student is an even greater teacher.

By partnering directly with teachers through our Ambassador Program, Markhor has been able to give away hundreds of mats to dozens of dance studios, gymnastic schools, and martial arts academies!

We appreciate the opportunity to work with teachers directly to better allow their students to continue their training from the comfort of their home without having to sacrifice on safety.

- Van Horneff, Founder of Markhor Athletics

The Markhor Ambassador program provides teachers with exclusive savings opportunities to pass along to their students.

  • Refer 10 mat purchases using your referral code & receive your 11th mat free
  • Exclusive promotions on sales of up to 50% off
  • Free social media assets to make sharing with your students a breeze!
  • Exclusive high quality Markhor Athletics Ambassador swag!
  • Become an Ambassador

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Teachers have been at the heart of the Markhor movement since our inception. While they can ensure their students have adequite protection and hands-on training while they're in the gym, when they get home students are at an increased risk for injury.

    The Markhor Ambassdor Program provides teachers with an opportunity to help proactively protect their students from injury while practicing at home by helping distributing our mats at significant discounts to their students.

    Markhor Ambassdor will receive unique offers, discounts, swag and other incentives throughout the year to help lower the barrier to entry for safe, at home practicing.

    Additionally, for every ten orders received by an ambassador (using their referral code) they will receive one free mat of their choosing!

    Simply click here to apply to our ambassdor program. You'll hear back from us within 24 hours!
    Yes! Ambassadors will have access to a trove of marketing materials to help educate students on proper technique, instruction for safe, at-home tumbling or acro work and why Markhor Athletic mats are the best in the business!
    For large schools Markhor Athletics can provide opportunities for custom branding as well as color coding. To learn more simply click here to send an email to our Ambassador Program Manager!